Hi, I'm Piers.

intro May 22, 2021

I figured it's about time to introduce myself.


I'm a dedicated family man and human performance professional.


I am father to two young, vibrant kiddos and husband to the one amazing, adventurous @langski.life. Together with our pup named Mogli, we enjoy getting outside as much as possible: hiking, skiing, worm hunting, and general exploring. We're getting ready to elevate our exploring this summer with the completion of our #familyadventure bus.


While I started my career as a soccer coach, I quickly learned that what I loved about coaching was the mental game. So I shifted gears and have spent the last 10 years working in sport, military, and other high-risk occupations helping individuals and teams improve their mental performance, resilience, and leadership.


I love what I do and am stoked to be sharing skills, concepts, and lessons learned with you here.