Work on Self

For all relationships...and for leaders in particular.

Leaders in sport
Leaders in business
Leaders in communities
Leaders in families

Too often we look at those around us and think or say, "I just wish I could help them...[fill in the blank]."

There are lots of things we can do and strategies we can use to help those we lead.

And one of the most powerful of those strategies, supported by spiritual teachers and scientists alike, is to work inward first and often.

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Group Flow - Communication

Think about the last time you thought about providing feedback to a teammate or coworker. Did you hesitate?


Most people will say yes.


If we're aiming for flow state - either in business or sport - we must shift our mindset to see feedback as imperative to success.


Sometimes we receive the immediate feedback we need from the environment or process itself (a missed shot is feedback to adjust form; a disengaged audience may be feedback to adjust your presentation style).


Sometimes though, we need that feedback from those around us.


The best way to start? Shorten the feedback loop. Feel yourself hesitating to provide feedback? Challenge yourself to give it immediately. Worried you'll mess up? You might, and that will provide you with immediate feedback to improve your feedback in the future.

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