Too often, “emotional” and “strength” are seen as opposites.

There is an evolutionary component to this belief. We are instinctually wary of those who seem unpredictable – it feels threatening and dangerous. So if our inability to self-regulate makes us unpredictable to others, then we have a problem.

The bigger problem, though, is we have also come to believe that emotional suppression is the solution. The solution to appearing predictable. The solution to appearing strong.

It’s not. Suppressing emotion makes us weaker – both mentally and physically.

I’ll be adding content on emotional strength. I hope it challenges some of your beliefs about emotions and strength – and I hope you take the time to reconcile and work with those beliefs…changing them if necessary. I hope this series motivates you to assess your personal emotional strength. And I hope this series provides you with a few tangible strategies to adjust as needed.

Because the research is clear:

  • The relationship between emotional health and physical health is direct and reciprocal.
  • If we can’t manage emotional distress, we can’t make progress on our bigger life goals.

Which means, if we want to be healthy and thriving, we have to check-in on our emotional strength.

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