Things to consider…

Covid forced many people to re-evaluate their priorities and their identity.

Many who used to tie their identity to work (and worked like their worth depended on it) felt like that was ripped from them – they were forced to connect other parts of their identity and other activities to sustain them.

Many of have found their priorities and perspective has genuinely shifted – work no longer feels as important as it once did.

Others may be afraid to go all-in because they’re afraid to have it stolen a second time – a coping response to the initial trauma.

Are these the only possible reasons you’re seeing lower than normal motivation? No.

But these are a few unique and timely factors I encourage leaders to add to their usual list because the pandemic is still impacting student-athletes and people everywhere.

Psychologists are encouraging people to think of the COVID pandemic as collective trauma. One of the hallmarks of trauma is that the residual impact lasts long after the event is over…and that is exactly what is happening.


-Honor the immensity of the pandemic and the impact we’ve yet to fully understand.

-Be careful not to inadvertently make people feel weak because they’re still working to figure it out.

-Open the door to conversations on these topics with the people you lead and work with.

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