“They ensure our survival. They make us smarter. If we didn’t need them, they wouldn’t exist.” 

-Marc Brackett, “Permission to Feel.”

Emotions influence

  • Our attention and memory which determine our ability to learn.
  • Whether we rely on our gut instinct or carefully weigh facts when making important decisions.
  • Every aspect of the social relationships that are the most important element of our lives.
  • The choices we make and the way our body functions that influence our health – from poor diet, excessive drinking, and inactivity to blood pressure, and healing time.
  • Our ability to be creative in the ways that advance society and humanity through innovation and our ability to be creative in the ways that build resilience, like finding a way to get through hard times.

This is the tiniest snippet of the decades of research that clearly demonstrate the importance of emotion in our lives.

Sharing this with you, and you with others, is my effort to get people to give a damn about emotions – to see emotions as valid and important both at home and at work, to see emotions as central to our humanity and our success.

If you’re curious about this topic, definitely check out the phenomenal book called “Permission to Feel” by Marc Brackett.

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